The team at T & J Constructions is made up of innovators - we are constantly searching for ways to improve productivity. For this reason, we have invested heavily in 3D estimating software, GPS, and total station grade control for our machines. 

T & J Constructions' UTS total station allows us to complete the final trim of a site to millimeter precision. Our system involves creating a 3D site plan which is then transferred to our Graders, where the on-board Trimble control box determines the position of each blade tip and and compares it to the design elevation. The control box can then compute the volume of cut or fill to grade - data which consequently drives the Grader's valves for automatic blade control. 

Most of the grading done by T & J Constructions is carried out using a CAT 120M Grader. 

However, if the job requires a particularly tight area to be graded, we rely on our smaller CAT 12G Grader to get the job done instead.

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