T & J Constructions implement a range of measures to break out rock, profile out pavements and bore holes. These measures include rock breaking percussive hammers that can be fit to any one of our excavators (from 5 - 30t) to break out rock, pits and concrete foundations. The hammers save considerable amounts of time and allow for precise excavation in areas where rock is prevalent. 

T & J Constructions also have an excavator-mounted auger with bits ranging from 300mm to 1200mm in size. Once fitted with the appropriate extensions, our Auger can drill holes up to 6m deep, and is used for footings, foundations, piles and dewatering spears. 

T & J Constructions also have a group of partners that we call upon when horizontal boring is required, such as when drilling under roads, railways and other infrastructures that require service installation without disturbing the ground above. 

Our fleet of profiling plant is diverse - the machines we generally use to profile pavements are our skid steer mounted profilers, though for larger road reconstruction works we employ large contact plant that is able to work at an incredible 1200m3 per hour.

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